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Welcome to Michael

This website is dedicated to addressing important, intriguing, and challenging questions about the Bible. I believe that God has led you to this website. Reading the Bible often sparks numerous questions, as it is designed by God. To truly grasp God’s message, the Bible requires diligent study and exploration, not just casual reading. Just as Jesus enlightened his disciples’ understanding, we encourage you to seek divine guidance through prayer before delving into our answers.

The Team

Michael Pedrin is a pastor, author, and poet. His interest has been finding answers to intriguing Bible questions that have troubled many sincere seekers of truth. He is regularly invited to conduct series on various Bible topics around the world. He is also a featured TV and radio speaker. Michael has a PhD in Biblical Studies and a Masters degree in English Literature.

Marc Pedrin is the only son of Pr. Michael Pedrin. When he was 2 years old, he memorized and preached 15 sermons on various Biblical subjects like the Second Coming and Heaven. He loves the Lord and has always had a passion to serve Him. Marc is also interested in technology, he loves video editing and helps his father in recording, editing and uploading videos.