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1. Dear Father, the supreme Monarch of the universe,
The originator and source of all good things,
Life flows from Thee to all.
Thy ways are past finding out,
Thy knowledge is infinite,
Thy will prevails everywhere.


Beyond time Thou art, O Lord,
Beyond all that we know.
The alpha and the omega,
The beginning and the ending,
The first and the last,
Beyond time, O Lord!

2. Dear Jesus, the heir of the universe,
At thy command the very things happen,
Thou art the best friend of sinners.
Thy amazing love is the greatest of powers,
On the Cross you displayed Thy strength,
We are longing for Thy return, dear Lord!

3. Dear Spirit of the living God,
A wonderful Person, just like the Father and Son,
Thou three always are one.
Thou art the great Comforter of all,
The heavenly Teacher, and Revealer of truths,
Come and fill me with Thy gifts and Thy fruit.