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For the devil and his angels, hell fire is meant
Your way to perdition, you can prevent
On Calvary, Jesus paid it all;
Believe on Him, and you He’ll absolve.

But if we persist in the broad way
What can God for this say?
“Turn ye from your ways, and why will ye die?
If you insist, I’ll secretly cry”.

Many will perish with the old serpent
Because their evil ways, they did not repent.
At the end of the age, the fire will burn,
There the wicked, their reward will earn.

As fat, wax and stubble, does not long last
So the wicked in the fire, will go out quite fast,
It will leave neither branch nor root,
Into ashes they’ll turn, to be trampled under foot.

Yet a little while, and they shall not be;
Even though his place, thou diligently see,
Into smoke they shall consume away;
No coal shall be left to warm at that day.

Sodom was destroyed by eternal fire, for fornication;
It was eternal in result and not duration
Unquenchable fire, on Jerusalem was sent;
When the work was completed, out it went.

In hell, one will burn as a whole;
The fire will destroy both body and soul.
They will be as though they had not been,
This fire will make also the atmosphere clean.

Sin shall not rise the second time,
God’s whole creation will be sublime
He will make an utter end;
Evil He knows how to rend.

When the mystery of sin shall wind,
The former things will not come to mind
What do you think about God?
He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!