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1. A prisoner to sin on death row,
My dark heart was filled with sorrow.
Right from the womb,
It was only gloom and doom.


But God saw my damn, and sent me His Lamb!
He took my place, and my disgrace
“O thank you my Lord, O thank you my God!”
“Thank you for your saving grace!”

2. I didn’t know what was right and wrong,
The power of sin was truly strong.
I couldn’t turn back, to the track,
There was no light, it was pitch black.

3. Nothing was well, I was sick in my cell,
I was going down straight hell.
A wretched soul I was desperate,
Sin would never from me separate.

4. I saw no scope, I was down slope,
There was nothing for me to hope.
I was a slave, tossed in the wave,
That was leading to the grave.