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My ancestor is not an ape
In His own image God did shape
Man was His crowning act,
Search “the Book” for that’s the fact.

If you eat the fruit, you’ll surely die,
Said the One who cannot lie
Man sinned and death he did earn
‘Dust you are, unto it you shall return’

Though man fell into the enemies trap,
God promised a Saviour, who would stand in the gap,
On Calvary, death got the blow,
When the Son of God let His blood flow.

He brought immortality to light
And set all hopes bright,
‘Because I live, you shall also live,
Salvation to all I freely give”.

If one waits, the grave is his home;
He’ll sleep there and will not roam,
Till the heavens disappear,
When the Son of Man in His glory appears.

He’ll call the sainted sleepers out,
They will rise with a triumphant shout,
‘O death, where is they sting?’
As He commissions His angels to gather them and bring.

There shall be no more death, sorrow nor crying,
Neither situation hard and trying,
All things shall go on well,
As we with the Lord shall always dwell.