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1. What a wonderful day ‘twill be,
When the face of our Lord we’ll see.
Full of love and full of grace,
What a holy and lovely face!


2. Jesus is coming in glory,
Let this be your story.
Tell it to everyone,
As you sit, walk or run.

3. The long wait will soon end,
When we shall behold our God and Friend.
Riding through the corridors of space,
Sparkling will be His radiant face.

4. Not with crowns of thorns on His head,
But with many crowns of gold and a garment of red.
The armies of heaven complete the train,
That’s how our Lord is coming to reign!

5. “Lo, this is our God we’ve waited for”,
The saints will shout at that blessed hour.
“Come my people, come to your rest”,
The Lord will say to the blest.