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When I was called early from my repose;
An important case I had to handle I did suppose.
I looked for a man with a guilty face,
But Lo! I saw in Him Truth and grace.

All the people I gazed, at guilt they wore;
But there stood One, who Heaven’s signature bore,
Could He be the criminal? I thought,
So their explanation I sought.

I took my seat and set to inquire,
“That’s not the point” they said, “Oh Sire”
To question Christ, I summoned Him near,
At which the clamorous mob got on top gear.

They cursed, they screamed and all shouted,
To ratify the death sentence, from me they wanted.
“What wrong has He done” I replied,
And there came back a stronger tide.

Time flew and morning drew;
I said can any of you, one accusation prove.
“Priests have brought Him, therefore its true,
Our hearts desire, you must quickly approve”.

I heard a still voice speaking to me;
“Justice demands, the accused go free”
He was innocent, very well I knew,
I was perplexed and I didn’t know what to do.

When I heard He was from Galilee,
I said, let Herod into this matter see.
From this situation I thought I was relieved;
Back they came and I could not believe.

“I’ll chastise and release Him” I said,
Their faces I saw, all turned red.
To tall their accusations, He answered not a word;
His silence was indeed as a two-edged sword.

According to their custom, they asked for Barabbas,
“Away with Christ, He has nothing to do with us”
I got a message through my wife,
“He is just, please spare His life”.

Then I heard of His heavenly claim,
It agreed perfectly with His Godly frame.
I decided to let Him go;
They screamed and said, “Oh No, Oh no!”

If you let Him go, you are not Caesar’s friend”
I thought of my post, or I would meet my end.
I assumed God would understand;
“Oh no! I stepped on sinking sand”.