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Sin separated God and man,
But God made a salvation plan
The price for it would be high
As the Son of God would have to die!

“Make me a sanctuary that I may dwell
Do it exactly as I tell
For it would be a copy of the Heavenly”
God also showed Moses, how it should be.

His way is seen in the Sanctuary
Completely revealing the Gospel mystery
The courtyard, the Holy and the Most Holy Place
He worked it all out, for the fallen race.

All things therein, and the services done,
Were pointing to Christ, God’s blessed Son,
‘Search the scriptures, and you shall see.
They are all only talking about Me!’

He is “The Way” that leads us in,
Also “The Lamb of God” that was slain for sin
The Laver was a reflection,
Of His triumphant resurrection!

The lamp stand represents Christ, as “The Light of the World”
That light leads to the safety fold
‘The Bread of Life” He is, that has come from Heaven,
Whoever needs, to him it’s freely given.

The smoke that ascends from the alter of incense
Is mixed with His divine fragrance
The prayers of the saints, are thus made fit,
As it is combined with His gracious merits!

In the Holiest of all was the Ark of Covenant.
Therein was contained the Ten Commandments
Upon the ark was the Mercy Seat,
There God and the High Priest, used to commune and meet.

Only once a year, there the High Priest would go,
For cleansing the Sanctuary, as God instructed so
That was the special Day of Atonement,
It was also the great Day of Judgment.

Into the true ‘Holy Place’ Christ entered at ascension
To begin the work of Priestly intercession,
Later He moved to the “Most Holy Place”,
And Judgment began for the human race.

Sincere confession, He will forgive,
His promise is that they shall live
“Come boldly” He says “to the Throne of Grace”
He is waiting for you to embrace!