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By the word of the Lord all was made,
All beings He created without their aid,
Wonderful angels to be by His side,
He created them all, for ever to abide.

All went fine for long years, not known;
When alas! The chief of angels thought, he was a genius of his own
The sin that started with Lucifer was pride,
And he thought his knowledge was a sufficient guide.

A third of heaven’s angels, he poisoned their minds;
All this he did with sly from behind.
Instead of repenting, he began to rebel;
Things grew worse, and God, all of them had to expel.

Through craftiness he entered our world,
When Adam and Eve let loose their hold
This earth has ever since been his dwelling place;
And he claims dominion over the human race.

The love of God went after man,
And He made a grand salvation plan.
On the cross Jesus paid it all,
And now man can be restored from his fall.

Satan is still seeking whom he may devour,
Therefore you need God’s shield as your cover.
He is all out to get you as his prey,
Hence you need much, to watch and pray.

Wars, destruction and troubles are from the devil,
Also he is the author and instigator of all evil.
You can fight him only with God’s Word,
For he trembles at the two-edged sword!

Calvary made certain the devil’s end,
And also proved God, to be a loving Friend.
Satan and sin will soon never be,
All of God’s creation will be pollution free!