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The Church is to God, His dearest object,
Let her to Christ, always be subject.
For she is the Lamb’s lovely bride,
To Him only, she should confide.

Of the truth, the God’s true Church is pillar and ground,
And all her doctrines are fully sound.
She has been commissioned to preach the word,
And lead men heavenward.

Her foundations are very sure,
Therefore, she will always endure,
Christ Jesus being the chief cornerstone
He all the weight has borne.

As Satan attacks with all his host,
The standard will be raised by the Holy Ghost
The Church of God, needn’t have to fear,
For Christ is in the midst of her.

To the harbor, this ship will safely sail,
Even the thickest tempest cannot prevail.
Satan’s arrow will all turn blunt;
For Christ is leading in the front.

Now the wheat and the tares are growing together,
The tares to be burnt, He’ll soon pluck and gather,
Scattered abroad are many of His Jewels,
They’ll come in as the loud cry swells.

It is called a hospital for a sinner,
And you can find treatment in her,
The willing hearts will be cleansed by the heavenly surgeon,
And He’ll prepare them to be His spotless virgin.

God had one body all the way,
They stick to the Bible and do not sway,
If we the scriptures prayerfully search,
There we’ll see God’s last day Church.

The dragon is wrath with the remnant of her seed,
As they love to keep all His commandments indeed,
They’ve been gifted with the Spirit of Prophecy,
That light, leads to the Bible, you’ll see.

She may appear to fall, but will not;
In the name of the Lord, the battle will be fought,
The Church militant, will be Church triumphant,
And Christ will lead the splendid pageant.