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The third Person of the blessed Trinity,
The Savior has sent with us to be,
The Holy Spirit has come as Christ Vicar
And He leads to the fold the ones who err.

He is the Author of the sacred Bible,
Only He can make the truths simple,
Into all truth He will guide,
And He wants in us to abide.

Not by power, nor by might;
By God’s Spirit the battles we fight.
When the enemy comes with his entire host,
The standard will be raised by the Holy Ghost.

He helps those who know not to pray;
When paths are dark, He brightens the way,
When in danger, troubled or hurt,
The Divine Healer comes to comfort.

Though this world is full of noise,
Still we can hear His gentle voice;
“This is the way, walk ye in it”
And He helps us out of the miry pit.

The sin against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven;
This truth was declared by the Prince of heaven,
If we the Holy Ghost, always grieve;
Then we are constraining Him to leave.

God is willing to give His Spirit to those who need;
Than parents are willing to give gifts to their seed.
He testifies and exalts the Father and the Son,
And makes effectual what Christ has done.

He pleads with us, with strong appeals,
For He wants us to receive His seal.
Only those who are born of the water and the Spirit.
The Kingdom of God, they will inherit.

A new person He will make you, if you will;
With His fruit, you He’ll fill
Come dear Lord, and in our hearts you reign;
Pour down on us, your Latter Rain.