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The day and the hour to none He told,
But numerous signs He did unfold.
Earthly, natural and heavenly signs,
To prepare His children for the end of times.

As it was in the days of Noah and Lot,
Continuous is the evil thought.
Crime and violence is on every side,
And immorality is on the rise .

Famines and pestilences are experienced often,
Wars and earthquakes send many to their coffin.
The seas and the waves are mightily roaring,
Yet people are calmly sleeping and snoring.

The sun didn’t shine on May 19, 1780,
This is a sign that is so weighty.
The moon and the stars also fulfilled their sign,
All these took place in prophetic line.

We are at the tip toes of Daniel’s image,
That’s to say, we’re at the end of the age.
The stunning prophecy of Daniel 12:4,
Clearly tells us that He is at the door.

Deceitful workers are a lot,
Into the snare many they got.
With signs, lying wonders, and miraculous healing,
Multitude flock for this exciting feeling.

If any say of Christ, “Look here is He”,
Believe them not; neither go to see.
Very soon, the devil like Christ will disguise,
He’ll present the truth, with a few lies.

When the Gospel is preached to every creature,
Then will come the God of all nature.
Dear friend, get ready, for our redemption is nigh,
Look up and live, soon you’ll see the King in the sky!