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Are you that sheep that missed the track?
Don’t despair, the Shepherd will get you right back.
If you are the one, that has crossed the line,
He’s coming for you, leaving the ninety and the nine.

Gently He’ll carry you back to the fold,
With His tender love, you He will hold.
He’ll rejoice over you, with all His friends;
And His joy will know no ends.

Like the lost coin, do you feel dead in sin?
This remember—you are still precious to Him.
Though marred, you still bear the stamp, “in the image of God”
He’ll cleanse you in His blood and place you in His squad.

You may be lost in the house or in the world,
Still Christ can save you, whether young or old.
Heaven rejoices when one sinner repents,
God loves you, that is why His Son He sent.

Have you left God, like the prodigal son?
Thinking that in the world, you could have fun?
Have you wasted all your substance?
And landed in dire circumstances?

His love will work things out for you,
Because you are one of the chosen few
Through different ways, His voice will be clear
He’ll draw you home, for to Him you are dear.

Come to Him just as you are,
He’ll run to you, when He sees you afar.
He’ll not question you, for what you have done,
You He’ll receive back, as His own dear son.

He’ll clad you with a royal robe, new shoes and a ring,
And the celestial choir for joy will sing:
“Welcome home, O heir to the throne,
Welcome back, welcome home!”