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The greatest event is about to transpire;
That should in us, hope inspire
If we search the Holy Writ
Nothing secret you’ll find in it.

The enemy is playing his last few tricks
To a great extent he did click
To escape his snare, we must pray hard:
And stick to the Bible, the only safeguard.

Christ is coming, as a victorious King,
The angelic choir, you’ll hear them sing,
He’s coming with all His host;
To take the ones, who loved Him the most!

The Angels will blow their great trumpet sound,
And the noise will swell all around,
And the voice of the Arch Angel will be loud,
As He comes riding in the clouds!

As the lightening is seen across the sky,
So it will be witnessed by every eye,
The sky will be shining with the Holy light,
But to the wicked, it will be the darkest night.

All at that day will be confounded;
Except those by the truth have been grounded,
As the mountains and islands move out of their places,
Horror and terror will seize the lost faces.

When the sky shall majestically fold,
Then shall we His face behold,
The wicked will weep and bitterly cry,
And by His glory they shall die.

At His voice the earth will quake,
And His sleeping ones will awake,
Together with the living, they’ll take their flight,
At last to heaven, to live in His sight.

The earth will be desolate and there will be no man;
So it will be for a 1000 year span,
But you can fit in the Master’s Plan
By His Grace, all we can.