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The seven last plagues is serious of all,
Very soon on earth these vials will fall.
In punishing the wicked, God takes no pleasure,
They are only reaping the fruits of their hearts’ desire.

All who worship the beast and receives his mark
Are taking the step into the dark.
Those who worship God & receive His seal,
From the plagues they will God shield.

The first plague will be boils from head to feet,
This will expose the healers of deceit.
The second will be poured upon the sea,
Like a dead man’s blood the waters will turn to be.

The third vial will be poured upon the water springs,
Into blood ‘twill turn, and the wicked that will drink.
Since they have loved to shed innocent blood,
Now all around them they will see its flood.

The truth that is plain men have shun,
Instead of worshipping the Creator, they honor the sun,
That sun itself will scorch them with heat,
They will be enveloped in a blazing sheet.

In the fifth plague, the world will be without light,
Indeed it will be a long midnight.
Men will grope in that thick darkness,
Yet their sins they’ll not confess.

The final war will be the “Battle of Armageddon”,
Where God will destroy the wicked and deliver His own.
Great hail will shower, measuring a talent,
That will crush them to the earth, which none can prevent.

The children of God needn’t have to fear,
Since God’s angels will always be near.
None of the plagues will do them any harm,
As God shields them with His mighty arm!