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There is a law that was done away
There is also ‘The Law’ that still stays
On Calvary, one was established,
While the other was abolished.

God wrote His law with His own finger,
It should be obeyed while probation lingers
The other was written by Moses’ hand
As God had given him command.

God spoke His law in a majestic tone,
Then He wrote it down in two tables of stone
That law which is holy, just and good
Was put “in the ark” of shittim wood.

The law of Moses was written in a book,
For prescription of sin, into them one could look
At the ‘side of the ark’ it was placed,
And on Calvary’s cross, it was erased.

God’s law is the transcript of His character,
If one walks by it, he will not err.
All His commandments are deep and broad,
It is deep as the thoughts of God.

The law also reveals sin,
As it convicts us from within,
It points us to the Blessed Jesus,
The law Giver, who died for us.

Heaven and earth may pass away,
But His law will always stay.
From the precepts, do not sway,
Abide with it, while it’s called today!