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Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit,
With all diligence we ought to keep it.
We belong to Him by creation,
And also by redemption.

Through pulses, fruits, nuts and grains
In all these varieties nourishment we gain
This diet God designed for man,
Later flesh meat was permitted which reduced his life span.

Among the beasts that we may eat,
They should chew the cud, part the hoof and have cloven feet
Among the fishes in the sea,
Fins and scales ought to be.

Wine and all alcoholic beverages,
Destroys God’s temple and reduces the age.
Cigarettes, tea and coffee are poisonous for the body,
A Christian ought to from these be free!

The Church temple is sustained by tithes and offerings,
Into His treasury, with gladness we are to bring,
God loves a cheerful giver,
Give without a heart’s waver.

Why rob God, by holding back His money?
Return that is His, you’ll have sufficient you’ll see.
To the ones who are true, God promises a great blessing,
No room will be enough for receiving!

Our body, His temple, should be kept clean,
As the life of Jesus is seen.
What a privilege it is to support His cause
Let the Gospel work go on without a pause.