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Christ is soon coming, to recompense;
Then the millennium will commence
The earth will be empty and desolate,
And Satan his end will contemplate.

The redeemed go to heaven, and there 1000 years remain;
As priests and kings with Christ they will reign,
From various lands they will comprise,
And to us, there may be many a surprise.

The ones you expect may not be there
And you may think—that’s not fair,
It may also be vice-versa
All this, God surely foresaw.

The Lord therefore will preserve their record book;
To clear your doubt, into them you may look,
Then you will know that the Lord was right,
Into their secret life, as you get insight.

As we sit upon our throne,
The many mysteries, God will make known
As the Great Teacher will explain,
All the dark things shall be plain.

We shall be qualified to judge the world,
When we are purified and come forth as gold,
Now the gospel should be spread, which is prime;
And we are not to judge anyone, before the time.

We shall judge also, Satan the villain;
And his angels too, that are fallen,
As the minds of the saints God will enlighten,
They will execute the judgment that is written.

When His judgments are made manifest,
Then shall we all, be at rest,
All those records to us will prove,
That God’s ways are just and true.