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Belshazzar and his subjects were drinking wine,
They merrily enjoyed thinking all was fine.
Then appeared handwriting on the wall;
“Weighed and wanting” and “it’s time for your fall”

On the altar of sacrifice, fruits’ were lain;
No sign of blood, thus was the offering of Cain
Divine favour he could not gain,
His self righteousness was useless & vain.

For a red pottage, Esau sold his birthright,
He treated such a privilege too light
Blessings also he lost, that was his by right,
When Isaac, his father was loosing his sight.

We are told to remember Lot’s wife,
Who at the last moment lost her life.
She came out of that wicked city,
Then looked back, where she desired to be.

Balaam and Judas were truly brothers
They only desired the things of others
They tried to serve both God and man,
And could not fit in either plan.

Hophni and Phinehas, the two Sons of Eli;
Were not trained as they should be.
God’s temple they profaned, by their evil acts;
Reverence and respect for God, they lacked.

God’s Word should not be despised,
“To obey is better than sacrifice”
Partial disobedience of King Saul,
Saw his ruin and downfall.

All these were weighed, and found wanting,
For to God’s Word, they did not cling.
Build on Christ, the Solid Rock;
Denounce your ways, and with Him you walk!