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1. Send out Thy light from Thy holy Word.
Guide my path, and brighten my road.
I need Thy Word to guide me on.
Till all the darkness is completely gone.


Without Thy Word, where would I be?
Without Thy truth, nothing I see.
Through Thy Spirit, enlighten me!
Through Thy presence, set me free.

2. Wonderful counsel brightens my way.
Wonderful comfort fills my day.
Precious promises in Thy Word,
Cheers me on—onward, upward.

3. I see things, that I never saw,
In Thy Word, that has no flaw.
Thy Word I love, ‘tis words of life.
Like the balm of Gilead in a world of strife.

4. Send Thy sweet Spirit and teach me more.
Fill me with Thy treasures evermore.
With the manna of Heaven fill my soul.
Make me complete, and make me whole.